Making a Chesse Plate for the First Time (Using Aldi)

Hey y’all,

I like cheese.

I like plates of cheese.

I like cheese with other finger foods.

I could probably eat a cheese plate every week. (and with the prices at Aldi, I’m surprised I haven’t) In the video below I show you how I make my first full cheese plate ever at home. I normally just order them pre-put together or at a restaurant. A few weeks ago I had a friend come over last minute, with nothing in the house I was able to run to my local Aldi and grab up quite a few things to have a great platter.

The honey in this video was purchased from

The following items were used from Aldi:

Crackers $2.89

Aged White Cheddar $2.65

Brie $2.99

Asiago Cheese $3.79

Mozzarella $2.99

Goat Cheese $1.99

Green Grapes $1.49/lb

Pears $3.49

Mustard (Trader Joes) $2.49

Honey from Saratoga Tea and Honey (no price available)

Cashews $5.19

Turkey Pepperoni $2.19

Baby Carrots $.89

Deli Turkey $3.49

Everything came to a total of $36.53.

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