A Weekend in Lancaster PA

Ever since I was little my family and I have gone to Lancaster County Pennsylvania in the summer for a short vacation. Times have changed and people have gone but my mom and I still try and make the trip. This year we decided to make the drive over Memorial day weekend. I going to talk about some places we like to go to and things we like to do while we are there. Maybe this will help you plan your next trip!

On this trip, we tried a new (to us) restaurant called Smokehouse BBQ and Brews. We normally go to Dienner’s County Restaurant on our first day but they had a lot of people waiting outside and we were hungry and didn’t want to wait. (Dienner’s is really good and if you are in Lancaster you should go!) Smokehouse was a pretty good choice though! They had a great menu with something for everyone. My mom and I both got the pick two. I had the fried chicken and turkey and she had the brisket and turkey. The meals came with two sides. The turkey in my opinion was the best part of the meal. It was fall-apart tender and well seasoned. If I went back I would probably get a turkey dinner.

The one thing we always do is go to Sight and Sound Theaters. They do these very grand performances retelling stories from the bible. I grew up in a Christian household and know the stories of the bible and I still get pulled in like I don’t know what is going to happen next. The set design is amazing, the actors are so good and the live animals in the performance are so cute! This year was the story of David. (I am still confused about how they made Goliath – you would have to see it!) I would recommend Sight and Sound to everyone even if you are not religious.

Also, every time we go to Lancaster I have to go to Reading China and Glass. It is a kitchen store that’s almost the size of a Wal-Mart. If you are into kitchen gadgets like me you will have to stop by here.

The last thing I am going to touch on from our trip is our visit to Strasburg Rail Road. This is a great place for everyone including families with small children. They have a railroad museum that does cost extra. The main attraction is the train ride. It is about a 45-minute ride through the countryside of Lancaster County. There are different levels of tickets you can get. My mom and I decided to do the first-class parlor ticket. We paid $48 total but we also had a coupon. They have an open-air train that I believe (at the time of writing this) is $10. We picked first-class because the train had comfy chairs and snacks were served (at an additional fee). See the video and pictures below.

I hope this was helpful for your trip planning ideas! Happy travels!

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