Ninja Creami: Is it Worth it? An Unboxing and Review

Hey Y’all –

Backstory – I saw the Ninja Creami online maybe in early 2020. I mentioned it to my best friend and she decided to get me it for Christmas 2021. I am a collector/connoisseur of kitchen gadgets and honestly, this is one of my favorite adulthood Christmas gifts. (I actually screamed) To be very transparent I really like this machine but I do feel it is essential to review the pros and cons for anyone thinking of getting this machine. Please do not take any words typed below or comments in the video as a “negative review” it is more of a “critical” review.

I am a better speaker than a writer. Hence why a lot of my posts on here are short and sweet :). But, I will make some brief notes here about the pros and cons of the Ninja Creami.


  • Heavy – and I am still not sure why….
  • A lot of pre-work – you have to freeze your ingredients 24 hours in advance for 90% of the functions
  • The recipes provided are “odd” – I go over this in the video but cream cheese is an ingredient…


  • A lot of frozen treat options – You can make gelato!
  • Slim – easy to fit in a tight space
  • once the pre-work is done it makes frozen treats very quick
  • Easy to operate – you don’t need to press many buttons to get what you want.

In the video below I unbox, make vanilla ice cream, and review the product. Now, would I recommend this product to others? Yes, It was cool to use and I could see myself doing this instead of buying ice cream at the store. But would I say it’s the perfect machine? No, It could be better. If you are interested in checking the Ninja Creami out for yourself click HERE to purchase.

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