Shrimp in the air fryer – Is it good?

Hey Y’all –

Don’t take this wrong, I love my air fryer, but…there are a lot of suggestions on how to use the air fryer that I don’t trust. To me, there are certain things that just don’t belong in an air fryer.

I know an air fryer operates a lot like an oven but it’s still not an oven. So putting a steak or mac and cheese in the air fryer is just odd to me. While I was lost in a sea of (to me) weird ideas for the air fryer, I saw putting shrimp in the air fryer. Not fried shrimp but shrimp you would put in pasta or in a scampi. My thought was that the shrimp would be dried out or overcooked. But, because this is a food blog and I am a scientist at heart, I tried it.

Check out my video below on how it turned out. (Spoiler – it worked)

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Shrimp in the air fryer


  • 5 oz shrimp
  • Lemon pepper seasoning
  • Old bay
  • A small amount of olive oil
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