Air Fried Tofu | Golden Brown Crispy Tofu from the Air Fryer

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So about a week ago a vegan friend of mine and I got together for a pre-Christmas lunch. She handled the salad and a delicious cheese ball that if you didn’t tell me was vegan I would have never known. My job was the “protein”. She specifically asked for fried tofu. Now, I have done fried tofu in a pan before…or I guess sauteed tofu is a better descriptor. It comes out brown but not the total crisp I wanted for this lunch. After a little research and putting together a few ideas it was apparent that tofu could be fried in the air fryer. You could get that golden brown fried chicken look I wanted but still, stay vegan/vegetarian. In the video below I show you how I get that coating and the perfect steps to get good consistency and flavor. And like always, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for all my video content.

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Air Fried Tofu


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  1. OK, So I am a "follow the recipe" type of cook and there is NO recipe here! HELPPPP!!! This looks good, I am plant-based so I enjoy vegan food. But idk How much Corn starch? How much onion powder/garlic powder? I am NEW to cooking and need allll the help I can get and your youtube video does NOT give the recipe 🙁 Can you please post, it so I know the correct cornstarch to seasoning ratio?

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