Fall Decor Ideas for a Small Home

Hey Y’all –

I know we are going into Christmas but it’s technically still fall! I wanted to give my fall decor a proper send-off before the tree goes up so, I thought I would provide a few ideas on fall decor. These ideas are perfect for a small home where you want to celebrate fall but you don’t want it to overcome the house. These ideas would work well for a large home too 🙂 check out my pictures below:

  1. Decorate the table – Orange placemats, a table runner, and a centerpiece.

I put this together myself. I found a long container from a home store, grabbed two pillar candles, and filled the middle with one of those boxes they sell filled with random filler decor pieces. The two tall candles on the end are actually fake – battery operated with a “natural” flicker.

2. Add some decor to a side table

This pumpkin and thankful sign are from the craft store. They were picked up during a major sale 🙂 The thankful sign was originally the color of a paper bag, but after a little paint, it looks much better! I like these two pieces because they blend in with the other things on the table. I didn’t have to move anything.

3. Decorate your living room with a few items

The two baskets are around the TV. They are filled with fake squash and leaves from the craft store. And, I always put out a large pumpkin on my coffee table.

4. (lastly) Decorate your door

You can always make a wreath yourself but I picked up this one a while ago at a home store. It’s a nice design but not too big where it takes over the door. (*Trick: use a command hook to hang your wreaths, that way there isn’t something over the top of the door to scratch up your frame)

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