Cruise Cabin Tour – Carnival Pride

Hey ya’ll

Back in September, I took a week-long cruise to the Bahamas on the Carnival Pride. This was my first time on Carnival and I can honestly say it was a good time. We did run into an issue when a passenger had a heart attack on the boat (he survived) and we had to drop him off in North Carolina. This caused us to miss Turks and Caicos but they routed us to Nassau. For me this was fine but for a lot of people all the boat, who cruise all the time, this was not a good trade.

The Carnival Pride is the smallest boat in the Carnival fleet and is the only Carnival boat to leave from Baltimore MD. (Where we left from) The decor of the boat to me was very……interesting……I say interesting because personally, I don’t think it matches the name. It was very renaissance. The rooms were, to me, plain but a good size! We stayed in an extended balcony room and the room had plenty of space to move around. I never felt cramped and it was comfortable. Check out my video below of the tour of my room! (Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!)