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A Real Review of the Amtrak Silver Star Bedroom

2022 was a rough year.

I sold my house, bought a house and changed jobs. But in the middle of all of that we went to Disney World for my mom’s birthday.

It was definitely a needed trip, but I wish I could go back sooner than later with less stress on my mind.

At the time that we went (Sept 2022) there was a lot of talk about airlines not being reliable for flights. (We were headed to post pandemic) So, we decided to take a train to Florida. I haven’t taken a train over night since I was a child and even then I don’t really remember it.

We had a nice trip down. The food was good and the servers were polite and friendly. But little did we know, the day before we were to take the train home, there was a railroad strike that cause the cancellation of our ride home. Lucky for us Southwest had available flights home.

Would I take the train again even with this strike issue? Yes I would! We were in a bedroom which was the biggest of the sleeper rooms. I’ll be honest…unless I am traveling alone or with a small child I will only ride in a bedroom on a overnight train ride. I wish I had gotten footage but the roomettes are SMALL! And I have seen videos of others talking about the roomettes are a good size…I do not agree. I was traveling with my mother and we both agreed the bedroom could have been a little bit bigger.

The food was unexpectedly really good! My though before we rode was the train food was going to be how airplane food was when I was a child. Not at all! I had a shrimp and salmon plate twice. And would eat it again. There way it was served was different because of ,at the time, Covid regulations. But, who ever the cook was did a great job with what limitations they had.

Check out the 2 videos below. One is the review of our train car and the other is a brief review of the food. Let me know your experiences on Amtrak! Would you or have you ridden in a roomette?

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