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New York East Village in an Afternoon – Featuring the Moxy East Village

Hey Y’all –

outside of Philly, New York is one of my favorite cities to visit. There is always something new or different to do. Recently I spent one afternoon in the East Village. Yes, that is right, one afternoon and then we left for home the next day. We were in Connecticut visiting family, and on our way back decided that we would have a one-night stay in NYC.

I know you are wondering….what does one do for a few hours in the East Village before going to bed and heading home in the morning? Well, I’ll tell you….you: you buy cookies, take a nap and eat dinner.

Our first stop was our hotel. We booked a stay at Moxy. (A Marriott Hotel) Moxy was a very modern and hip hotel with very interesting artwork and very unique rooms. We got there a little before our room was ready so we sat in the lounge and had coffee and sandwiches. They had a very nice space for lounging and having a conversation and the staff was very friendly. Once our room was ready they had the bellman bring our luggage up and we rode the mirrored elevators to our floor. We stayed in a “double-double” room and it was very spacious and had nice amenities. Check out my picture below and at the end of this article I have included my room tour from my YouTube Channel, check it out!

Once we were settled in the room we went out to Milk to grab some cookies. Milk in the East Village was maybe about 2-3 blocks away. It’s a very small location, but all I wanted was the corn-flake chocolate marshmallow cookie so I didn’t care. It is my favorite cookie and where I live, the closest location in DC and I am not driving that far. After I bought my 6 cookies, we went back to the hotel, made reservations for a restaurant called The Smith, and took a nap.

The Smith was a restaurant I had just learned about on my trip. They have locations in NYC, DC, and Chicago. It was the perfect location to go to last-minute knowing that they most likely had a pretty “normal” menu since they had multiple locations. (most of them being in New York) We weren’t in the mood to “test” out things.

The Smith was so good. I was a little scared because some of the reviews said they recently (at the time of this article) had a kitchen fire and didn’t have the full menu. They had the full menu and it was very filling. The tomato soup was served like french onion soup, the portions were hearty and I made sure I could make room for dessert. See some of the pics from dinner below.

After a really good dinner, we went back to the hotel to relax/sleep. The TV was one of the best I have ever seen in a hotel and I could easily log in to YouTube and watch videos till I fell asleep. And that is my New York in an afternoon journey. A “New York layover” I guess you could say. Check out my review of the Moxy below. (yes I would stay here again) and if you want to see my other hotel reviews check out my YouTube playlist 🙂

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