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Home Fries in the Air Fryer


Hey Y’all –

Sometimes life calls for a full breakfast. I’m talking about eggs, bacon, potatoes, and whatever else you feel is breakfast appropriate. The only problem with making all those things is there are a lot of pans and pots and things to monitor on the stove. When I do breakfast like this, I like to find ways to cook some of the food in other devices. In the video below I show you how I make home fries with peppers and onions in the air fryer. I find it so simple because you don’t have to peel them if you don’t want to and there is no precooking needed. You can just dump it in and shake it halfway through. At least that’s one let pan you have to use. Check out the video below and don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for more videos like this one. (While you are there. you might as well subscribe too! )

My Air Fryer:


Home Fries in the Air Fryer


  • 1-2 lbs of potatoes
  • 1 small/med onion
  • 1 large pepper
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • **Optional – Salt Pepper, Garlic**
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