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Slow Cooker Meals | Chicken Pasanda


Hey y’all

I’m going to say this first, slow cooker meals are awesome. If someone says otherwise they are wrong.

Now, ordering food for delivery is cool but isn’t it better when you make it yourself for a fraction of the price? Enters the slow cooker. One of the easiest but most impressive meals I like to make in the slow cooker is chicken Pasanda. It’s a play on an Indian dish that I normally order by the same name. There have been a few different versions I have seen or had. The base (from what I understand) is coconut milk and peppers. I’ve had it with the peppers blended in or with tomatoes added to the sauce. I make my version with no tomatoes because I don’t like them. I don’t blend my peppers just out of preference, but if you wanted to it would taste just as good. Check out my video below showing how I make this delicious dish. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel to get notified of all my videos!

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets:

*My Slow Cooker

*My Spiralizer

*My Instant Pot Mini

*My Air Fryer


Slow Cooker Chicken Pasanda


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