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Room Tour: International House Hotel New Orleans

Hey, y’all –

For the last week, I have been in New Orleans celebrating the 25th anniversary of Essence Fest. While I was enjoying the food, sights, and my friends, I needed a place to leave my stuff and go to bed 🙂

By way of, my friend and I ended up at the International House Hotel. Originally we were supposed to be in the Rockstar room (which had no windows and 1 bed) but after contacting the hotel they were able to move us to a room with windows and 2 beds for an upcharge.

I enjoyed the hotel. it’s very close to everything downtown. We were able to walk to the Superdome, convention center, and food in 15 minutes or less. It was clean and very modern on the inside. Currently, they only have a bar with no food, but after peering around the corner it looks like they may be expanding that to potentially have food? I’m not sure. I could see there was a much larger bar being built next door. There was also an Art room. While I was there it was dedicated to Banksy. (I’ve inserted some pics below)

The room was a really good size but that may be due to us having a corner room. I didn’t feel like I was on top of the friend who was sharing the room with me. I loved that it had a ceiling fan. In the southern heat, even with air conditioning, I want the air to circulate. The beds were very comfortable and I ready did feel at home in the room. THERE ARE NO ICE MACHINES. I don’t know why I felt the need to capitalize but the fact that there were none that I could get to sat weirdly with me. You could get ice but only if you ordered it from the front desk. Sometimes it would show up quick – but depending on how busy the front desk was you may be waiting a little while.

Something else I didn’t like (that may only be relevant to me and my friend) there was an instance where the housekeeper just barged into our room. She didn’t knock. At the time I was in the shower but my friend was in her bed. Apparently, the housekeeper had her purse and claimed she was coming in to make up the beds. She said she would be back but never came back – we even asked her for towels and she didn’t bring those back. There was another time when there were some free gift bags in our room, which at first sounded great but then we noticed that every other room had them sitting outside the door. Luckily we lock our suitcases but we did have wine and bottles of water out…we were unsure if they were trying to help themselves to that or what.

In all, I still did like the hotel except for the weird situation above. Would I stay there again…..probably, I would just make sure to lock everything. Check out my video below with the full tour of the room. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel for notice of my video content. (scroll down to see some of my favorite travel gear)

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