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Instant pot simple – Zoodles and Butter Chicken


Hey, y’all –

Sometimes you just want noodles. But sometimes you need to take a break on carbs. So what do you do? “Zoodles”! Or, what most people say zucchini noodles. And in this new age in cooking, it’s easier than ever to get spiraled zucchini. I have a spiralizer (Click HERE to see the one I use) but you can also go into most grocery stores and get them pre-cut.

Check out the video below where I show you how to make a simple meal using chicken, butter, and “zoodles”. I also use the instant pot to make this meal even easier. Check out my other instant pot videos and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel 🙂


Zoodles and Chicken in Butter Sauce

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