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5-day cruise with Royal Caribbean to….Bermuda!

If you are like me, you can’t “vacation” too long. (If it’s because of work or you just can’t be away from home for long periods of time) So when the opportunity was available to go on a 5-day cruise to one island, I jumped on it.  So, for 5 wonderful days (2 spent on the island of Bermuda) I went on my very FIRST cruise…

I had a beautiful trip with Royal Caribbean on their Grandeur of the Seas.  One of their smaller boats, but definitely a perfect boat for a newbie cruiser. It was a mixed-age crowd aboard with activities geared toward young adults to older adults but the boat included a teen club and a children’s care center.  Activities included A casino, shops, stage shows, multiple restaurants, and more.  

The best part of the whole journey was the two days I got to spend in gorgeous Bermuda.  From the beach to the drinks to the people everything was great.  

I spent my first day at the Snorkel Park Beach. The boat provided excursions for the day and the evening.  During the day, the excursion pass provided 1 hour of paddleboarding, unlimited snorkeling, and the beach chair with an umbrella.  In the evening there was a bonfire where S’mores were provided, free drinks and music.  The wristband from the bonfire also got you into the late-night party that is considered one of the best weekly things (even by the locals!)

On day 2 I went shopping around the island.  One of the main shopping spots is Hamilton.  There are perfume stores, clothing stores, and beautiful sights.  If you’re coming in off of a cruise ship this is also where you can get your passport stamped.  The easiest way to get to Hamilton was via ferry but you can take a bus or cab, it will just take longer. 

I finished my shopping at the Naval Yard.  If you are coming in by cruise this is where your boat will be docked.  (And this is where Snorkel Park Beach is located) There are a lot of little restaurants and shopping areas at the Naval Yard.  If you forgot to buy something in Hamilton, you will definitely find it in the Naval Yard.  I forgot to look for a Pandora charm for my bracelet till the last moment and I found it right in the Naval Yard.  And if you are lucky you may see a wild chicken!

All in all, this was an awesome experience.  The cruise staff was so great the food was good and Bermuda was gorgeous.  I would recommend this for a quick, fun trip! So next time you are thinking about a last-minute adventure or a first-time cruise experience, a little 5-day cruise to one location may be for you!

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